Laura Sita


Laura Sita

"I am a bit of a dare-devil, mixed with a touch of rebellion, a dash of sassy,  a bucket full of creative, and a heart full of love for all that is beautiful!" 

I believe that to live a life of joy means you must first know your purpose. It took me 39 years to find mine. I became a photographer because I truly loved creating beautiful images or so I thought. To understand what I do and why I do it the way I do,  you need to know a little about me.  My life, although not nearly as tragic as others, has been filled with immense struggle and overwhelming heartache from my earliest memory. I have lost a great deal and faced tremendous adversity. My world was a dark and ugly place for much of my life.  I used to ask, "Why me God? Then one day, I got the answer. "If not you, then who?"  It was then I realized, if life had been perfect, I would not know courage. I would not know strength. I would not appreciate beauty or peace. I would not know friendship or love. But most importantly, I could not do what I was purposed to do; help others. For only when you see someone, can you begin to have a conversation with them. Truth came to me in the form of travel. Finally, I could escape the walls of the prisons that had clouded my vision. Through my travels, I came to know the world to be a beautiful place of wonderment, filled with people who are kind and inspiring. My camera became a tool to connect, not merely with income or nature, but with people.  My lens gave me a window to see all that people hide behind a smile. I could see the facades from the most well put together people to those clearly lost and broken.  It ultimately gave me the opportunity to help them in a deeper more profound way through coaching, mentoring and teaching. Photography allows me to share with my client, the beautiful and authentic reflection that I see when I look at them! 

I am a Photographic Storyteller with a Glamour style. I find the beauty in all that see.  I SEE YOU; ALL OF YOU!   I see your pain, your joy, your beauty, your insecurities, your hopes, your silly, your caution, your adventure, and your vulnerabilities. I SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL!  Male or Female, boy or girl, we all struggle with something. Those somethings have a way of coming to the surface when I lift my camera. My sessions are designed to pull out and capture all of your various sides but also the time to perhaps help you overcome a block that is holding you back! My portrait sessions dare you to be more. 

I believe life is about the ride, not the destination.... So know that when you experience a session with Purgioia Images, a FABULOUS EXPERIENCE to remember, is not optional! We do some crazy risk taking stuff and we always have a great time!