Change Me 365

DARE 2B More!

The birth of Dare 2B More. My objective is to meet 1 new random person every day for 365 days, interview them using the same 10 questions, capture a portrait, and then write about the experience. I believe that the only way to snuff of the flames of fear is to stare them dead on and walk through them. By forcing myself to interact with more people at deeper, more meaningful level, my feeling is that the intrinsic beliefs I once held, that people really are all basically good, will once again be realized. My second goal is to share the human condition with others to demonstrate that we really aren't all that different. Regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnicity, or financial status we share the same worries, the same concerns, the same pains. Perhaps what we will together discover, is that all we need is a little less fear and a little more love to stop the hate from raging forth.