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How Do You Know If Purgioia Images Is Right For Your Photographic Needs?

Our primary goal is to provide you with a fun and adventurous experience, that authentically represents your unique story, and that results in great
portraits that will document and preserve your most special moments for a lifetime to come. Each of our sessions are designed to capture the
essence of our clients by placing them in environments that bring them
joy. This ensures you will be comfortable in front of the our camera. From
there, we teach posing, camera presence, and emotional connectivity so
your expressions are genuine for the image we want to capture.
We don't create your moments; We capture them!

We take a Glamour / Fashion forward approach to our images. Our Images are deep and rich in color and tend to be a bit edgy using a medium light source approach. That being said, we DO NOT ONLY shoot your session
this way. That is our signature style. We know our clients also enjoy the
lighter, softer, more "big smile" images. So we include those throughout
your session.

Our client has an adventurous spirit and a desire to have glamour-oriented portraits, that are authentic to who they are. Our clients choose Purgioia
Images for their photography needs because we don't look for the quick
and easy images; we take our time and search out the right environments, the right backdrops, and the right poses to match what they are looking
for. We also don't restrict ourselves to the Annapolis, Baltimore,
Washington DC areas. We have destination adventure packages available.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? (This is our biggest question):
We are not the least and we are not the most but what we can guarantee
is we have developed family investment options that are at the lowest
possible cost, yet still allow us to support our families. Our education,
training, overhead, and experience offerings do not afford us the
opportunity to be your $89 Photographer. The truth is we would shoot
your session for free because we LOVE what we do but like you, we are
professional photographers and not hobbyist! We want to serve you! It is
important to us that you have a great session, take home all the imagesyou want, at an affordable investment. We offer 3 options:
Option 1: Flat Rate, All-Inclusive in Small, Medium, and Large.
Option 2: Multiple Session Only Choices + Ala-cart Print Product Pricing
Option 3: Payment Plans


Ready For Your Portrait Adventure...


Laura Sita
Annapolis, MD
+1 240 876 3086


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